About Us

Hi! I'm Amanda, the founder of Givzie. These are my two boys who inspire me everyday to make the world a better place and I am so thankful they came into my life. And Thank YOU for visiting Givzie and making it to the About Us page! I am assuming you are here because you are curious who started this platform and why. So here ya go:

I started Givzie after hosting and attending countless birthday parties and always feeling like there had to be a better way to give gifts to kids. I always felt somewhat guilty about buying a random gift for a kids birthday that I knew would end up in the bottomless toy pit and eventually the landfill. One day when we were driving to Target, on the way to a birthday party, I thought "Why can't I just put my money towards something this kid really wants? And, what if all of their friends contribute towards this one big gift?" That thought simmered and stayed with me for many years.... and then it started to nag at me.. then it started to pull at me and beg me to do something. So I decided to do a collective gift giving test run with my own kids birthdays and it was such a huge success. I wanted to share my idea with others and find a proper platform to use. But after looking high and low for a platform that suited my needs, I could not find the perfect fit, so I decided to build one. I built Givzie for everyone. I built Givzie to harness all of the good intention of gift giving and channel it into something more impactful and meaningful. I built Givzie to give families a voice and help them to reduce clutter and reduce waste all while still giving and receiving wonderful gifts.

I built Givzie for you and I hope you like it.
Join me in my mission to reduce the clutter in our kids lives, show them the value of less is more, and give well with Givzie.